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Cougar HX330 Headset

  • 270g Light-Weight Comfort
  • 50mm Complex PEK Diaphragm Driver
  • Integrated Chamber and Frequency Enhancement Design
  • 9.7mm Noise Cancellation Microphone

Cougar Headset Stand Bunker S RGB

  • Designed to Hold Headsets
  • 14 Multicolor Lighting Effects
  • Two USB 2.0 Type-A Ports
  • Vacuum Suction Pad
  • Supports Horizontal & Vertical Usage

Cougar Immersa Essential Headset

  • Feather Design
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Crosstalk Reduction
  • Extraordinary Comforts

Cougar Phontum Essential Black Headset

Ready to join you in your battles, Phontum Essential is a stereo gaming headset that brings you all the functions you need to succeed in online gaming. CGRP40NB150.
  • Superb Stereo Audio with 40mm Driver
  • Extra Large Foam Ear Pad
  • Steel Headband
  • Noise Cancellation Microphone

Cougar Immersa TI Headset

Immersa Ti is a 40mm-driver stereo headset that features high-end features such as titanium-coated driver diaphragms, an 9.7mm cardioid microphone and extra-sized earpads for enhanced isolation and comfort.
  • Titanium-Coated Diaphragm: Unique Sound Quality
  • 40mm Driver: High-quality Stereo Sound
  • Ultra-thick (35mm) and Extra-Large (100mm) Ear Pads with Memory Foam
  • 9.7mm Retractable Cardioid Microphone

Cougar VM410 Driver 53mm Graphene

  • 260g Ultra Lightweight Suspended Featherlike Headband Design; 53mm Graphene Diaphragm Drivers: Pro-level Sound Quality
  • Perfect Clarity: 9.7mm Noise Cancellation Microphone; 4 Pole to 3 Pole Adapter for Extra Compatibility
  • Convenience: Volume Control and Microphone Switch Control; Reduce Crosstalk Signal Transmission; Integrated Chamber and Frequency Enhancement Design
  • Crystal Clear Inputs: With VM410, its large 9.7mm noise-canceling microphone receives a refined frequency voice tone. The extended length of the microphone can be adjusted for extra clarity and its anti-pop cover reduces sound disturbance.

Cougar Phontum S Headset

  • Dual Chamber System
  • Extra-large Drivers with Graphene Diaphragms
  • 9.7mm of Clear Voice
  • Dual Earpad, Dual Life

Cougar Immersa PRO Prix Headset

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround for Enhanced Immersion
  • Full Software Equalizer through COUGAR UIX System
  • 9.7mm Retractable Cardioid Microphone
  • Automatic Omni-Directional Adaptive Ear Shells
  • Reliable Wire Controls for Mic Mute and Volume Control
  • High speed USB connection

Cougar Phontum Pro Headset

  • 53mm Drivers with Chamber Design and Graphene Diaphragms
  • 9.7mm Unidirectional Cardioid Microphone
  • Xear® 7.1 Virtual Surround
  • Two Detachable Control Units (for USB and 3.5mm Connections)